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Is it irreplaceable? Uncover what kind of lithium battery for electric cars

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As the "energy source" of all kinds of electronic intelligent equipment we are most familiar with, the application field of lithium battery is quite wide, not only on smart hardware such as mobile phone and computer, but now more and more electric bicycles will be used as the main power source except for lead-acid. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that lithium battery is a "cheap and cheap" existence in the battery industry. But the question is: is lithium battery really unable to replace the general existence?



  In fact, in terms of cost or price, is the lead-acid battery cheaper than the high cost of lithium electricity? 2-300 yuan will be able to change the lead acid battery at any time for its own electric car, which is quite cost-effective. But it is known that lead-acid batteries have some inadequacies, for example, lead-acid batteries have low energy density, shorter endurance, and not long life, 300-500 times the battery cycle and have to be replaced in 2-3 years, so to provide more powerful power for electric vehicles, lead acid is obviously not the first choice. That's right.



Furthermore, the nickel hydrogen battery, which is also mentioned, does have a stronger energy density and battery performance than the low energy density and short endurance of the lead-acid battery. Like the same size, Ni MH batteries are almost 1 times as much as lead-acid batteries, and they are more durable and portable, and the battery cycle can reach thousands of times, quite strong. But similarly, the shortcomings of NiMH batteries - memory effects, overcharge and overdischarge will make the battery capacity more and more attenuated, so as the ideal battery power for electric vehicles, Ni MH batteries are also not the first choice.

Again, lithium battery, lithium battery, because the lithium battery not only has a higher 2000 battery cycle than Ni MH battery, has a higher energy density, and the charge discharge has little influence on its battery capacity, and of course the cost price is moderate, so it is the ideal choice for the current electric vehicle industry.

Nowadays, lithium batteries are widely used in many fields, such as electric tools, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and electric vehicles, in addition to their excellent performance, such as portable computers, cameras and mobile communications. With the shortage of energy and environmental protection demand, lithium batteries will have a more promising development in the electric vehicle industry in Russia and Japan.


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