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Lithium battery has been favored for more than 10 weeks.

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According to the Oriental Wealth Choice data, as of 27 days, 134 companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities disclosed the institutional research records from last week (May 21st to May 25th). Lithium battery plate has become the focus of attention of the organization. More than 10 lithium battery industry related companies have received institutional research.

A total of 49 institutions were visited in the last week, and the research activities were divided into 3 groups, including many foreign institutions including Morgan Stanley and Singapore government investment. In terms of science and technology, the company's current positive material capacity is 16 thousand tons, of which lithium cobalt acid lithium production capacity is about 3000 tons, the rest is multi material, and the overall capacity is still relatively tight.

New Zealand last week hosted 46 Institutions, Morgan Stanley and Singapore government investment. This also shows that some foreign investors are strongly concerned about the lithium battery plate recently. The new state said that the two quarter, lithium ion battery electrolyte price has been stable, from the cost and profit point of view, the second half of the next half price further downlink space.

Winning technology last week hosted 14 institutions such as Morgan Stanley. Win win technology said that the company is the only provider of the whole line of lithium battery intelligent production line in the world. The company's whole line mode has the advantages of high quality, low energy consumption, fast delivery, fast ramp and high direct pass rate, and has been recognized by industry customers.

Saline Lake shares received 14 agencies research last week, and the company's Saline Lake lithium extraction project has become the focus of communication between the two sides. Saline Lake shares said that the company indirectly owned subsidiary of Qinghai Saline Lake Buddha, blue branch lithium industry Limited by Share Ltd has ten thousand tons of lithium carbonate plant. In 2017, the blue lithium industry produced 8002 tons of lithium carbonate products throughout the year, achieving a profit of 744 million yuan and a net profit of 420 million yuan.

In addition to the above companies, Li Wu technology, western mining and other lithium battery industry related companies last week received institutional research.


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